How can a Management Accountant benefit your business?

How can a Management Accountant benefit your business?

Management accountant can help:

Manage your business

  • Focus on cash, costs, forecasting, resources and systems
  • Manage innovation
  • Compete against developing economies
  • Assess profitability of  technology  and outsourcing

Grow your business

  • Find fresh sources of growth
  • Check impact of regulation on business decisions
  • Apply the best business models to the growing business
  • Use relevant information effectively
  • Realise financial benefits of digitisation
Management accountant added value

Case studies

Drinks company

“The company aimed to source 31% of its water and 85% of its power from the specific plant and aimed to remove virtually all effluent discharge. The cost scenario planning for approaches including the new technologies to be employed was key. The team costed out scenarios that would need a smaller investment from the board, but it was the most ambitious that was signed off and approved for commissioning – a huge vote of confidence in the planning and financial modelling behind the project. ”

IT company

The company lacked clarity and consistency on deals, win rates and profitability.  Having involved the CIMA finance professionals into the deals pricing and sales process, it added value all round. Management accountants helped to validate the solutions that the sales team designed and showed which deals were making money and how they were being tracked. The involvement of finance professionals also helped with internal approvals. Overall, making the consulting and outsourcing deals fully assessable.


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